Returning to the Heart of Campus: Exploring Our Sites and Museums (Part Two)

In the second half of our series on the Kingston Association of Museums (KAM) sites situated on Queen’s campus we visit the W.D. Jordan Special Collections (located on the second floor of Douglas Library), the Queen’s University Archives, the Museum of Healthcare and Murney Tower.

W.D. Jordan Special Collections: (613) 533-2839 | Union Street and University Avenue

The W.D. Jordan Special Collections contains a wide range of resource material spanning from a Latin Bible (1592) to a Greek lexicon (1821) and even a copy of Locke’s Essay concerning Human Understanding (1760) in two volumes.

For those interested in exploring further there is a reference area designated for public use and a bunch of books waiting to be discovered!

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Queen’s University Archives: (613) 533-2378 | Kathleen Ryan Hall, Medical Quadrangle

Whether you visit their physical building on campus and request archival material or you visit their online exhibits, the Archives is a great resource to learn to more about Kingston, Queen’s University and so much more!

Online exhibits of particular interest include the STONES Kingston interactive map and walking tours. The themes of these tours range from The Stories and Accomplishments of Some of Kingston’s Early Black Citizens, 1780 to 1950 to The Jewish History of Kingston and even Indigenous Kingston and Francophone Kingston.

For more exhibits and stories specific to Queen’s University the Archives also has virtual exhibits on topics such as the history of CFRC, Queen’s Remembers (World War I and II), and the Royal Charter and so on!


Museum of Healthcare: (613) 548-2419 | 32 George St, Ann Baillie Building National Historic Site

This interactive museum is the perfect place to explore and spend the afternoon. With exhibits ranging from the history of healthcare uniforms and graduates in Kingston all the way to Vaccines and Immunization there is something for everyone!

An exhibit of particular interest called “Trench Menders: Health Care in the First World War,” approaches the familiar topic of WWI from a different perspective, allowing visitors to understand the role of doctors and nurses as well as the true effects of war on the human body.

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Murney Tower:  (613) 507-5181 | King St. West at Barrie St.

As one of four Martello tower fortifications in Kingston, Murney Tower holds a large collection of 19th-century military and domestic artefacts and is home to a 6000lb cannon. Although this site does not open until May 2017 Murney Tower still has a lot to offer. Especially considering their recent laser scanning of the Tower, now visitors can see what the Tower actually looks like beyond all the stone!

While this series only visited the museums and galleries located near or within Queen’s campus, we encourage everyone to visit our other sites.

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