Museum of Health Care to Unveil 3 New Exhibits

Since 1991, the Museum of Health Care has strived to connect visitors with the experiences of people in past times to provide context and perspective on today’s health issues. With eight on-site exhibits and nearly 40,000 artefacts in its collection, the Museum provides the community with the resources to reflect on and understand the history and science of health care.

This Canada Day, the Museum is celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial with three new on-site exhibitions: “Growing Pains: the 1867 Crisis at Kingston General Hospital,” “The Century: Medical Innovations of the 1800s” and “Quack: The Exhibit that Cures All!”

“Growing Pains” will examine the impact of the new government on KGH in 1867 while also examining health care in mid- to late-19th-century Kingston, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Confederation. “The Century” will celebrate the medical breakthroughs that took place in the 1800s. “Quack” will explore medical quackery and health myths.

With a myriad of interesting objects and their stories, these new Museum exhibits will bring history to life. The public opening on July 1st will feature tours of the new exhibits, family-friendly activities, and refreshments!

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