Museum of Health Care to Unveil 3 New Exhibits

Since 1991, the Museum of Health Care has strived to connect visitors with the experiences of people in past times to provide context and perspective on today's health issues. With eight on-site exhibits and nearly 40,000 artefacts in its collection, the Museum provides the community with the resources to reflect on and understand the history... Continue Reading →

Visite de Trolley

Tous abord le gros trolley rouge et prenez un siège au bord de la fenêtre car vous n’allez pas vouloir manquer les vues! Les Tours Trolley De Kingston offrent aux visiteurs et les résidents de Kingston une opportunité d’explorer les attractions de Kingston avec un guide expert. L’habileté de débarquer et de rembarquer comme que... Continue Reading →

Trolley Takeover

All aboard the big red trolley and grab a window seat because you won’t want to miss the sights! Kingston Trolley Tours offers visitors and Kingstonians the opportunity to explore Kingston attractions with an expert guide. The ability to hop on and off the trolley at any of the nine stops gives you the flexibility... Continue Reading →

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